LYAPKO UNIVERSAL M ROLLER. Acupuncture massager. 3.5 Ag

LYAPKO UNIVERSAL M ROLLER. Acupuncture massager. 3.5 Ag

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Lyapko Roller is device for dynamic applications ("Million needle shower"). Used to influence all areas of the body: the back, waist, buttocks area, thorax, abdomen, extremities. The therapeutic effect is several times faster than with a static applicator device

Universal Roller is intended for the treatment and diagnosis. Needle step - 3.5 mm, width - 72 mm, diameter 51 mm, number of needles 496.
Recommended for use by adults and children.
The roller is used for therapeutic effects on all areas of the body, head, face for removal of pains and spasms.
The Universal roller recovers tired nervous system, cleans pressure from your muscles,  gives healthy shade and freshness to the skin. 

With flexible rubber plugs it has a mild exposure on the skin. This therapy helps to activate the metabolic processes in tissues and cells, lifting effect.

Using a roller, you can have different sedative or stimulating (tonic) action. For a calming effect (for example, pain in the lumbosacral region or lower limbs) session lasts 10-15 minutes at a time on large areas. At a session of treatment for exciting method (for example, muscle paresis, and other conditions) produced rapid and severe irritation for 5-7 minutes, capturing a smaller area.

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